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Former Capitol Police Officer from Fayetteville to Attend Services

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FAYETTEVILLE — One of the people who plans on attending the memorial for the slain Capitol police officer is Fayetteville resident Albert Bryant, Jr. Bryant is a former Capitol police officer, and a friend of one of the two officers killed Friday.

"I saw pictures flashed on television and said 'there's Chestnut," said Bryant. "I was stunned . My God, it took awhile for it to sink in."

When it did sink in, Bryant, 52, began to mourn the loss of a friend.

"My post when I worked on the Capitol was on the second floor," said Bryant.

Bryant worked as a Capitol police officer in the early 1970's. It was through the Capitol Police Christian Fellowship Association that he developed a friendship with 58-year-old Jacob Chestnut, one of the two officers who died in the Capitol shooting Friday.

"I had been at the same spot talking with Officer Chestnut on many occasions," said Bryant.

Bryant now hopes security next to the document room will be adjusted to keep other officers and tourists safe.

"Maybe extend the surveillance equipment further away from the door on the other side of the door," said Bryant.

Bryant will make one more trip to visit his friend Jacob Chestnut, not by the document room, but in the rotunda where Chestnut will lie in honor.

Bryant says the last time he talked with Chestnut, they chatted about family and how much the Capitol Police Force has changed over the years.

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