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Raleigh Gang Caught Shopping for Purses

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RALEIGH — Raleigh police caught several suspects stealing from grocery shoppers Thursday, and now they are looking for the ringleader of the gang.

Raleigh detectives want to catch Jennette Cannady, who they claim is the head of this group. The victims are often unaware that someone has gone into their purses and taken a credit card until they get a phone call.

"They realize it when the financial institution calls," Raleigh Police Sgt. Michael Hunter said. "They're amazed the card is not even present."

Many women are easy targets for these purse bandits because they walk away from their cart, leaving their purse alone.

Detectives say the safe way to carry a purse is over the shoulder, snug to the body. Michelle Good learned this rule after living in Washington DC.

"I always keep it like this tight around my shoulder, and never put it in the basket," Good said.

Raleigh Police have caught a few suspects, but they're still looking for Jennette Cannady and more members. They believe she is living in Raleigh or Durham.

Anyone with information should call Crimestoppers at834-HELP.


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