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Severe Weather Storms Through North Carolina

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SANFORD — Severe weather hit several counties Wednesday, leaving trees toppled, buildings in ruin and power outages in thousands of homes.

The structural damage was isolated to a small area in Lee County. Trees fell on several mobile homes, and destroyed two of them. Heavy winds also leveled a barn and store house on one property, as well as ripping down power lines throughout the area.

Emergency management officials spent the night surveying all of the damage.

"Everything seems to be straight line winds with damage primarily to pine trees," Lee County Emergency Management Director Warren Lee said. "We do have several mobile homes that were damaged, and two were pretty much destroyed. A third one has a tree on the roof. We also have a small single engine airplane down at the airport that flipped over."

Despite all of the damage, no injuries were reported.

CP&L reported the following power outages:

Henderson - 1,472Roxboro - 1,757Oxford - 1,320Sanford - 1,833

The outages were scattered throughout the counties. Power was expected to be restored by 1:30 a.m. Thursday.