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Mystery Container Found in Benson Pond

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BENSON — There's a mystery in the murky waters of a Johnston County pond. State agents pulled out a container over the weekend. Since then, the rumor mill has been spinning about what is in the box.

SBI agents and divers converged on the irrigation pond last week. Although they were quick and secretive in the search, their presence sent off a fire storm of rumors in Meadow and Benson.

Eyewitnesses watched divers pull what appeared to be a black box from the pond, and that is all they saw. From that sliver of information grew a beast of a story. A story that kept developing as it passed from person to person through local restaurants and stores.

"The rumor I heard was that they drug one to three million dollars out of the pond," resident Ann Jernigan said.

"I heard a bunch of people say how they found a safe, and they were wishing that they found it," resident Joshua Johnson said. "They say that it had anywhere from two million to three million to five million. Most seem to say that it had three million in it. They say it belonged to a local drug dealer around here and he had it stored in the pond."

The SBI said that they were looking for evidence in a criminal investigation. They said that it was not a safe and did not have money in it.

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