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Wake Homeowners: Landfill is a Truck Load of Problems

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RALEIGH — Wake County Commissioners listened to a debate about a proposed landfill in the Willow Lake subdivision on Monday.

Over 100 residents voiced their opposition to one of their neighbor's plan to sell his farm land. Walter Cooke wants to turn 32 acres of his land into a landfill for construction debris.

Resident Pam Cassady has been trying to sell her home in the Willow Lake subdivision, but news of a proposed landfill is making it very difficult.

"There hasn't been any response to it at all," Cassady said. "The last two weeks especially."

Property values are just one of many concerns the residents have in the neighborhood. Gale White has lived in the area for more than 40 years.

"The road is a rural road, and there would be more traffic on that road also with the dump trucks and whatever coming through," White said.

The homeowners are also worried about the environmental impact of a landfill.

"We think that the landfill is not in harmony with this area," resident Barbara Jackson said. "It is not a compatible mix with existing and planned residential use in the area.

This landfill debate will continue for awhile. Commissioners postponed the vote until August 17th.