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Quintuplet Family: "We've Just Been Totally in Awe"

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WAKE FOREST — Nancy and Kent Miller said that they decided to talk with reporters Saturday because they just had to thank the community for all the donations and support.

"About the only way we can comprehend the love that we've received from everyone, is that God says that sometimes he gives exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask," Nancy said.

The Millers count among their abundant gifts five very special babies and the community's outpouring of support for their family.

"We've just been totally in awe," Kent said. "We knew it was a big deal to us, but we had no idea it'd be a blessing to the community as well."

Among gifts and toys for the quintuplets, Nancy Miller returned home for the first time in six weeks finally reuniting with the couple's two-year-old daughter Anna.

The babies were delivered ten weeks early at UNC Hospitals. It followed a difficult pregnancy for Nancy. Kent calls his wife the real star.

"She did everything the doctors told her," Kent said. "She's been laying on her side for four months. She didn't cheat one bit."

A storage area holds many of the donations from the community including car seats and strollers times five, and anything that may help the family adjust to five little additions.

"It really has been people working together that made the pregnancy a good one," Nancy said. "And the babies are doing great!"

Four little girls and their brother have a team of doctors and nurses watching their every move. It took 27 doctors and nurses to help deliver Ellie, Emery, Grace, Maggie and Martin.

The quintuplets are probably the most famous babies in the state right now, but Saturday all eyes were on their parents.


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