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Miller Quintuplets Named, in Good Health

Posted July 8, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— We now know the names of the Miller quintuplets. Doctors at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill held a news conference Thursday morning to update the babies conditions.

After much anticipation, Miller babies A, B, C, D and E now have names andfaces. They are Emery Elise, Grace Caroline, Helen Marie ("Ellie"), Marguerite Jackson ("Maggie"), and Martin Thomas.

Doctors report all five babies are in good health. Mom Nancy Miller is doing well and may be released from the hospital after the weekend.

Doctor Valerie Parisi, who assisted in the delivery early Tuesday morning, says her team knew from the beginning, the babies were in good health.

"Each of those five babies was active, vigorous, pink and screaming, urinating within moments of delivery."

After delivery all of the babies had help breathing. UNC Neonatologist Dr. Carl Bose says their conditions have improved.

"Four of the five are no longer on a mechanical respirator. And the fifth baby, we hope, will be off soon."

Doctors say all of the babies have respiratory distress syndrome -- a common disorder among premature babies -- and will need oxygen therapy for several days.

Three of the babies, Emery, Grace and Martin, have an open blood vessel in their heart. Doctors expect to correct the problem with medication.

"We expect all the babies to recover, and to recover rather uneventfully," says Dr. Bose.

Uneventful will not be the right word for things when the Miller's take their quints home. Doctors expect that could happen within 4 to 6 weeks.

UNC Hospitals confirms Nancy Miller was prescribed fertility drugs. But because they were not prescribed by doctors at the hospital, we do not know which ones.