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Community Helps Quintuplet Family

Posted July 7, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Between hospital bills and baby care products, quintuplets are an expensive arrival.

A recent study showed that the cost to a family with quints in the first year alone is close to a half million dollars.

Luckily, the Miller family is receiving a lot of help from their community.

The Miller's church has been preparing for this event for months, ever since it learned the couple was expecting quintuplets.

The church set up several teams to help the family. A prayer team was the first priority, but the church recognized the practical needs of parenting five newborns as well.

The North Wake Baptist Church really cares about Kent and Nancy Miller, and their new quintuplets. For months, dozens of families in the church have donated hundreds of pieces of clothes. There are bags and boxes full of them. Church members have even sorted them by size to make things easier on the Millers.

"The amount of clothes, that has surprised me," church member Kelly Craig said. "How generous people have been, because a lot of these families know that they're going to have more children, but it's still fine for them to give their clothes away."

Church members have also given car seats, baby swings, and dozens of other expensive items. Jackie McKenzie has stored a lot of them in her attic.

"We had maybe four things, four swings or car seats that we needed and we've gotten six or eight of each thing," McKenzie said. "So we've gotten equipment in abundance."

Meanwhile, G-105's Bob and Madison Showgram is holding a quintathon Thursday morning, broadcasting live from a Babies R Us store to raise money and other donations for the Millers.

"It's a great city because it's small enough that you still care about people that you live next to," radio hosts Bob and Madison said. "It's a great community and we've got some of the best listeners in the world because anytime we've asked for help, whether it be with a detective or with pennies from heaven, they're right there to help out."

Members of the Miller's church plan to help out well into the future. They've also set up a post-birth child care team. The team has even consulted the McCoys, who are the Iowa couple that had septuplets last year.