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Former Tar Heel Basketball Captain Found Guilty

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RALEIGH — Former UNC Tar Heel basketball captain Makhtar Ndiaye was found guilty Tuesday of simple assault and communicating a threat.

A lot of people know who Makhtar Ndiaye is not only because he was a popular basketball player, but also because he has been at the center of some highly publicized controversies.

Many remember Ndiaye's claim this past spring that an opposing player called him the "n" word during a game. Ndiaye later said that he made up the story.

Out of all the negative stories surrounding him none of them have ever come this far.

Controversy followed Makhtar Ndiaye from the basketball court all the way into a district courtroom. This time Ndiaye lost.

Judge Paul Gessner found him guilty of threatening and assaulting Daniel Lewis Murdock.

"The truth came out, that's all I can say," District Attorney Russell W. DeMent III said. "I said it was going to come out. It came out."

Murdock says Ndiaye grabbed him by the neck and threatened to kill him during an argument back in May.

Ndiaye pleaded not guilty to the charges and a half dozen witnesses including Ndiaye's wife told the court that the assault never happened.

During closing arguments, the prosecution called those statements tainted.

Defense Attorneys say the possibility of future lawsuits against Ndiaye was the real reason charges were filed.

"I'm not best buddies with him but I'm not going to go after him or anything," victim Daniel Lewisi Murdock said. "I wish him well in his pro or European career."

Whatever Makhtar Ndiaye's future plans are they will include 12 months unsupervised probation, a $200 fine and mandatory anger management classes.

Ndiaye told the court that he has voluntarily taken anger management classes before, but that he does not think he has an anger problem. He told the court he is just competitive.

The District Attorney said that the classes are a good idea, and that Ndiaye's sentence is fair.


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