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Dry Conditions Have Local Fire Fighters On Alert

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FAYETTEVILLE — A freak fire in Cumberland County Monday could be a wakeup call for many. Flames tore through a barn, and in an instant, the building was destroyed. Dry conditions are fueling more and more fires.

The barn fire was just one of eight Cumberland County brush or woods fires authorities were called to Monday. The Lindsey family desperately tried to stop the flames before their storage barn was destroyed.

"I ran and got a little sand back there and threw the first shovel of dirt on it," said Raymond Lindsey. "I ran up with the second shovel and it was just too much air."

The fire destroyed the Lindsey's storage shed and the building materials inside. They were materials the family was going to use to build a three bedroom addition to their home.

"I just wondered what happened because none of us smoke. He doesn't smoke, what caused this? Did someone come through the property and drop a cigarette you know?" said Lindsey's wife Daisy.

Raymond Lindsey says he believes glass he brought to the back yard this weekend acted as a magnifying glass.

"Actually I'm shocked at the fact that it even burned because last week was just as hot and it didn't happen," said Raymond Lindsey. "I was out here cutting trees down and nothing happened. Nothing happened.

Firefighters say fires are very likely to break out until our area gets a good rain soaking.

Despite the intense heat and flames, no firefighters or residents were hurt in any of Monday's fires.

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