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Workers in Migrant Camps Alerted to Attacks

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CLINTON — Sampson County migrant workers are on alert after several recent attacks in work camps. The armed intruders have been sneaking into the worker's homes late at night and stealing their money. Investigators say migrant workers are easy prey.

Armed men in black broke into ONE migrant farm workers home. Just as in two other recent attacks, the robbers hit the men on their heads with guns and took $300 from them. Moises Ramos lives in a migrant camp just up the road.

"I just think it's messed up. They shouldn't have done that," said Ramos.

Ramos says the people in his camp are ready to defend themselves.

"We tried once to put a fence right here, but the guy said since we have a sign that says no trespassing they can't pass by there or we can shoot them or do anything," said Ramos.

Investigators say Sampson County migrant farm workers make easy targets for criminals for a couple of reasons. Some are illegal aliens and are afraid to report crimes to police, and others carry large sums of money on them because they're afraid to put it in banks.

Jose Guiterrez says the attacks have convinced some workers to put their money in banks.

"The guys never got money in their pockets," said Guiterrez. "They put their money in Western union. They're scared somebody will steal it."

Two of the attacks were in Sampson County, and one in Bladen County. Investigators say they're not yet sure if the same suspects are responsible for all the crimes.