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Kids Learn Respect for Water at Swim Class

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RALEIGH — Drowning is the second leading cause of death for people ages 15 to 44. Many families, perhaps yours, are heading to the water this holiday weekend. Many parents believe the kids are never too young to learn about safety.

Scott and Donna Covington are beginning their holiday weekend at the Ridge Road Pools. Their children, Cody, five; Lauren, three; and Rachel, two, love the water. At an early age, they were taught to respect it.

"I think it's critical for them to be comfortable with the water," Scott Covington says.

"They know water can be a dangerous place that you never go by yourself," Donna Covington explains.

The Covington's have made sure their children understand that water can be dangerous. Two of their children, Lauren and Cody, have already had swimming lessons. Cody learned not to go out in the water when grown-ups are not there.

Another indications the children have a good understanding of the dangers of water, Donna Covington says they ask for their floatation devices when they're at the beach.

"We almost always have some kind of life preserver vest on them when they are in deeper water over their head, so they ask for their life vest," Donna reemphasizes.

The Covington's believe there's no substitute for supervision and swimming lessons.

If your holiday getaway includes fun on the water, experts say you should take basic precautions to avoid drownings. One very important thing is to make your children wait at least an hour after they've eaten before they jump back in.

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