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Fireworks Funding Fills Church Coffers

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WILSON — They seem to be everywhere this year -- fireworks stands have sprung up on street corners across the state. They all look pretty much the same, but one in Wilson is very different.

This is a far cry from your typical church bake sale, but the eye-catching displays are accomplishing the same purpose. The fireworks stand is operated by members of the Victory United Pentecostal Church of Wilson.

Customers are often surprised to hear that a church is in charge.

"I didn't know it was a church running it, but now I do know I will buy my [children] something for church," said customer Ronnie Curry.

Victory is a relatively small church of about 150 members. The congregation holds a fundraiser every year to supplement its tithe money.

After trying every traditional approach in the book, Pastor Gary Randol suggested this red, white and blue approach three years ago. Now, it's paying off.

This year, the fireworks sales will bring in enough money to fix a broken air conditioner and pay some of the church's bills.

"It has really been great for us and it really brings the people together in unity," said "It gives them time to work together in an atmosphere outside the church. It's a time of fellowship and everyone really loves it."

The church is being very strict about adhering to state laws regarding the sale of fireworks. Anyone making a purchase must be at least 16 years old. They have no items for sale that are not allowed by state law.


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