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Air Conditioners Stolen from Fayetteville Churches

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FAYETTEVILLE — Police in Fayetteville are looking for some hot air conditioners. Some bandits looking to cool off, stole the a/c units from two different churches, not once, but twice.

The pastor of one of the churches said it had to be at least 100 degrees inside his church. And while the thefts make having services almost impossible, they haven't stopped the congregation from worshiping.

Israel Jamison has been the church's pastor for three years and says he's never had any problems with thieves before last week.

"When I first came and saw the air conditioning out of the church it really struck me to say 'this is the house of God and somebody came and stole from the house of God'" said Jamison.

Apparently, the same thieves came back this week and stole the church's only other air conditioner.

"If I could just say something to the individual who did this, I would wish no harm would come upon him," said Jamison. "But if he would find it in his heart to return the air conditioning, we could just pray for him. That would be a blessing."

Even though the church has several ceiling fans, the heat inside is unbearable. Weekly Bible study has been canceled and Sunday's services have been moved up an hour.

"Now, we have to suffer this and sweat and agony and still try to worship God, but this will not stop us from worshiping God," said Jamison. "We will just try and adopt to the system and move away from the heat."

Jamison says the air conditioners cost about $1,400. He says he's probably not going to replace them unless he first gets a security system.

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