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State Lawmakers May Strip Entertainment at Adult Clubs

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FAYETTEVILLE — The North Carolina House has approved a bill that could stop the music at some adult entertainment establishments. It now needs the Senate's approval to become law.

The subject is so sensitive that WRAL went to every strip club in Fayetteville and not a single manager or owner would comment on the issue.

For a long time Fayetteville has been known for its strip clubs, but the new bill could do serious damage to that reputation.

"It gives municipalities finally a statute clear authority to regulate within ABC permitted establishments," Fayetteville City Attorney Robert Cogswell said. "The activity particularly of the performers in there."

Cogswell said that if the bill becomes law he will talk with city leaders and police officials about changing what goes on inside.

"I would consider drafting some ordinances that would go to city council for their consideration," Cogswell said.

Cogswell said that if his city can legally ban stripping, then he will urge city leaders to pass the ordinances, but he is also the first to admit that it will be easier said than done.

"Then the question becomes we still have to respect the constitution issues that are out there," Cogswell said. "Free speech, freedom of expression - things like that. That's explicitly in the statute."

If the bill becomes law and Fayetteville city leaders vote to ban stripping, Cogswell expects the issue to become a legal battle in which the courts will have the final say.

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