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Fayetteville Working to Clean Up Drug Problems

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FAYETTEVILLE — Fayetteville police are carrying through on their promise to clean up a community that was annexed by the city Tuesday. The department's emergency response team raided several houses in the Bonnie Doone area Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning, police spent time talking with neighbors of those who were busted. They told them raids like the one they saw late Tuesday night will become common in their community until the criminal activity is gone.

Working on little sleep, Fayetteville police officers returned to Bonnie Doone Wednesday morning. They met with neighbors in the new part of the city to assure them drug dealing will stop in their community.

Several homes were targeted in the Wednesday night raid. In them, police found weapons, drugs, even a police radio. A total of eight people were arrested on a total of 30 felony drug charges.

"The thugs we have run into the last 24 hours have no fear of law enforcement," said Fayetteville Police Chief Ron Hansen. "Of course they got a new understanding last night."

Hansen says identifying homes where drug dealing was going on was not difficult. Drug dealers, he says, were doing business in the wide open. Neighbors had continually complained.

Debbie Lewis has lived in this area her whole life and has seen Bonnie Doone go downhill.

"I think its great if they keep it up," said Lewis.

She hopes that, with raids like this one, things will turn around.

"All the support they can give us to help people over here, help themselves to get more involved in the community is great," said Lewis.

Police say a lot of drug dealing, and possibly dog fighting, was taking place in and outside of one home. In the backyard of the house is a church and a school. Under the law, the suspects could face more serious penalties for allegedly selling narcotics within 300 feet of a school.


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