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DMV Offices Swamped With Form Seekers

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CARY — The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicle offices are usually extra busy at the end of the month, but the latest rush has nothing to do with expired tags and licenses. People are flooding DMV offices to get their names off of a list before the state sells their personal information to marketing companies.

There has been a great deal of interest in the privacydisclosure forms. The DMV has been selling its private records for years, but this is the first time citizens have had the option to get off the lists.

DMV offices have been bombarded by people who want to bar their records from bulk mailers.

"I don't want my private information revealed," said Allan Mashburn. "Social Security number and so forth."

"I don't want someone giving out my personal information," said Lillian Spence. "I feel that's private and it shouldn't be done."

There has been a temporary moratorium on the sale of such information, but Wednesday, personal records are once again on the market. By Tuesday, so many people had filled out the private disclosure forms, DMV officials were considering making some changes.

"We'll do as much of it as we possibly can," said DMV spokesperson Carol Howard. "I have no idea what kind of volume we're going to get. We feel like we can also hold off on the bulk requests and give us that time to catch up."

The disclosure forms do not have to be turned in before Wednesday, but citizens run the risk of being on any lists sold between Wednesday and the time they do turn in their forms.

Tuesday, DMV officials said the sheer volume of requests for disclosures was forcing them to consider putting off sales to bulk mailers for another week or so, but no decision had been made as of noon. Reporter: Lynda Loveland