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Holly Springs Turning Water Back On for Some

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HOLLY SPRINGS — A mandatory watering ban has been lifted for some residents of Holly Springs, but depending on which side of the street one lives, there are still restrictions.

The signs outlining those restrictions have been unwelcome additions to the community over the past few days. Residents have been prohibited from watering lawns, washing cars and filling pools. The penalty for not obeying the edict was a $1,000 fine.

Lawns have visibly suffered under the watering ban, but some relief came Monday morning from Holly Springs' Mayor Gerald Holleman. Residents still don't have free reign over their faucets, but things are somewhat better.

"The water ban that we imposed, cutting off all sprinkling systems, car washes and other non-essential use of water, has been lifted," said Holleman.

For Holly Springs residents and their brown yards, that news was literally as welcome as a cool drink on a hot day. Julie Brown, like many of her neighbors, recently spent several thousand dollars on sod and landscaping for her yard. The ban has left her property thirsty and her upset about it.

"Even if we can turn the water back on, this past weekend has really put a lot of added stress on the lawn," said Brown.

"Water on even-odd days, before 6 a.m. and after 8 p.m.," said Holleman, spelling out the guidelines for water usage. "Even-odd means if your address is odd, you water on odd-numbered days. If your address is even, you water on even numbered days."

Those whose addresses end in an odd number will be watering on Monday, August 29, for example, while their neighbors across the street will exercise that privilege on Tuesday, August 30.


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