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With the 4th Coming Up, Fire Marshals Urge Caution with Fireworks

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RALEIGH — The 4th of July will be celebrated next weekend and many people are in the market for fireworks. For most people, the brighter and louder the fireworks, the better, but fire marshals are again urging everyone to play it safe and use common sense.

Every Independence Day, millions of Americans attend public displays of fireworks. They're fascinated with the bright lights and big sounds of bombs bursting in air. Yet, it is important to remember that fireworks can be deadly. A simple mistake or a careless move can result in an explosion or serious injury.

"If you get it close to your skin, fireworks will burn you," says "They burn hot enough, I've been told, to burn gold, they burn at about 1,200 degrees." says Deputy Fire Marshall Ray Echevarria.

He urges people to use common sense when handling fireworks, and to keep safety in mind.

Firefighters recommend that before your light a fireworks display, you read the entire label. Then place it outdoors on a level surface.

They also suggest having a water hose or bucket of water handy, just in case anything goes wrong. After lighting a fireworks fuse, get as far away from it as possible.

Melanie Halpenny didn't get out of the way when she was younger.

"I've had them to blow up in my hand when i was younger and I lived and survived it, but I wouldn't want my kids to get hurt by it," says Halpenny.

With that in mind, Halpenny and her friends buy fireworks every year at places such as Galaxy Fireworks. Firefighters say fireworks can provide good fun and entertainment if families put safety first.

If you plan on using fireworks this 4th of July be sure to factor in the weather. We're expecting more hot weather which will make most backyards very dry. Accidental fires will be easily set.


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