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Some Raleigh Businesses Profit from Heat Waves

Posted June 26, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Theaters and bowling alleys were packed Saturday as the heat wave drove people to cool places.

The theater parking lots were packed as people sweated it out for tickets to blockbuster movies, and an afternoon in the air conditioning.

"Were here to see Gone With the Wind if it is not sold out," movie goer Barbra Doorhy said. "We would like some cool wind around us while we're watching it."

Theater managers said that the high temperatures are giving them an unseasonable boost in businesses. Movies are selling out, and employees are working overtime to keep up with the crowds.

"We are completely packed today," theater manager David Jones said. "Normally the rain brings them in, but today it looks like everyone is trying to get out of the heat."

Fans blowing at full force are attracting a lot of people looking for a cool spot.

"It's just too hot," bowler Gina Bishop said. "It's just unbearable out there, even walking back and forth to your car. So we are just in here in the cool and enjoying what we love to do."

The Buffalo Lanes bowling alley was so crowded that some people were turned away, but surprisingly ice cream shops said that they are losing business because of the heat.

"The heat is actually hurting us more than it is helping us because anything over 80 degrees people don't want to get out of their air conditioned cars or houses," store manager George Golde said.

For some families braving the heat for a cool treat was worth the trip.

"You've got to get out of the house," ice cream customer Elsa Kimball said. "Once your out of the house you have to find somewhere comfortable."