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Broken Pipe Oozes Raw Sewage in Garner

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GARNER — 250,000 gallons of raw sewage oozed out of a broken sewer pipe near Garner Thursday night.

Garner Town Manager Peter Bine said that the sewage did not contaminate any fresh water sources, and that crews capped off the leak around 11 p.m..

"About 3 o'clock this afternoon our folks noticed the pumping pressure was going down at the treatment plant," Bine said. "We investigated and found this leak. We have been out here ever since trying to contain the water from going into the stream, and pumping around this leak. Now, we actually have the hole open, and they are cutting the pipe and repairing it."

Bine described the process that the crews used to seal the broken pipe.

"This one compared to last year is really quite simple. We are going to cut out the break, and slip a new pipe in there and put a clamp at either end and it is all over."

Another sewage leak occurredlast Augustin the same area, but Bine said that broken pipe was more difficult to repair.

"Last year we put together about a 35 foot piece of pipe in three sections, and swung that together in one piece and laid that in place," Bine said. "That was quite an effort."

Bine said that some of the sewage water ran into a nearby stream, and that they will investigate into any environmental damage Friday.