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Cary Looks to Curb Development

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CARY — The Cary Town Council heard a lot of debate on a proposed adequate public facilities ordinance on Thursday night.

The ordinance would prevent developers from building unless adequate roads and schools are in place to handle the growth.

"Where is your priorities," Councilman Glen Lang said. "Is your priority building more houses without adequate schools being available, or do you want to wait to build houses until there are schools for the children that will arrive."

"People have been complaining about the congestion on the roads and the lack of permanent seating for their kids at school," said Harold Weinbrect, who is with the Citizens for Balanced Growth. "We keep hearing that over and over and over."

A lot of developers and business owners said that Cary is dealing with growth management in the wrong way, and that this ordinance will hurt the town economicly.

"If Cary is putting in road blocks, if you will, then they are going to move down the road to Apex, Morrisville or Raleigh," land planner Chuck Smith said.

"It makes it difficult for new business to relocate here in Cary," Cary Chamber of Commerce member Ernie McAlister said. "It makes it difficult for a business that is already here to expand.

People who are against this ordinance claim that growth is a regional problem, and that Cary needs to cooperate with the state, the county and other towns to solve this problem.

There is also a concern about whether or not this ordinance would cause taxes to increase. The town council members in favor of the ordinance said that the recently approved impact fees will cover the additional cost of these new projects.