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State Panel Raises More Questions in DMV Deal

Posted June 23, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A year-long House investigation into why the state paid a former DMV officer $100,000 is coming to a close. However, plenty of questions still remain about the Algie Toomer affair.

A House panel wants Algie Toomer to give back his $100,000 settlement with the state. The committee investigating the agreement between the former DMV employee and the Hunt administration is finalizing its recommendations on the matter.

"We found out a lot of what happened," Rep. Carolyn Russell said. "We found out enough to know it was not proper, shouldn't have been done."

The committee said that a number of question marks remain due to uncooperative witnesses. It will probably recommend prosecutors investigate several people, including Toomer, for possible criminal wrongdoing.

Even though the committee recommendations are still in a draft form, the Policemen's Benevolent Association has something to say about them.

The PBA helped Toomer reach his settlement and has represented him in front of the House Committee.

"I am surprised that they have stooped so low as to issue a draft that's not even final, to talk about people that they say they may take out or add to in this report," Police Benevolent Association member John Midgette said.

The PBA says Toomer has nothing to say about the House committee comments.

The PBA is responding to the House inquiry on a number of fronts. It plans to file a criminal complaint with the Wake County District Attorney, a complaint with the House Ethics Committee and a civil lawsuit.