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Murder and Aftermath Frightening Wake Foresters

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WAKE FOREST — Wake Forest is a family town where neighbors don't usually worry too much about horrible crimes, but when a man was murdered Monday night neighbors were shocked. Now, it appears the murder was just the beginning.

According to police, Gustavo Martinez Giraldo shot and killed Bradley Seivers in a Wake Forest yard. This, they say, was no random killing. Neighbors say Seivers had befriended Giraldo, worked construction with him, and had invited Giraldo into his home for parties.

Police have not succeeded in capturing Giraldo, but they say the 26-year-old is still harassing Seivers' family. According to police, Giraldo had grown very attached to the Seivers family, but relatives say it had grown into more of a dangerous obsession.

After the Monday night ambush in which witnesses saw Giraldo unload a .38 caliber handgun into the victim, detectives say the Columbian native escaped on foot. Since that time, he has continued to try to contact Seivers' wife.

"We feel like he's in the North Raleigh area," said Wake Forest Police Chief Greg Harrington. "He's called the business where the wife works several different times looking for her."

Compounding the shock for the quiet subdivision where the shooting occurred is the fact that neighbors not only knew the victim, they also know the suspect. Giraldo helped with various landscaping projects and attended some social gatherings in the neighborhood.

Seivers' wife and children have left town fearing their safety. Other residents in the subdivision, not knowing what Giraldo might be capable of, have also left town.

Anyone who thinks they might have information concerning Giraldo's whereabouts is asked to call Wake Forest police at919-554-6150.


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