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Former Duke Lacrosse Coach Mike Pressler Statement

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Duke University's former men's lacrosse coach, Mike Pressler released the following statement Wednesday following North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper's announcment that sexual assault and kidnapping charges against three former players were dismissed.

Today is the celebration of the two words we’ve attached our lives to for almost thirteen months – THE TRUTH. It is the same truth today as it was a year ago. Our story has not changed and today’s announcement is long, long overdue. The injustice, the lies, and the myths have been fully exposed. You can talk about loyalty, honesty, and trust. They all apply to the 2006 Duke Men’s Lacrosse team. But in the end, it all comes down to THE TRUTH. The players have told the truth and never wavered. They stayed the course from day one. Today is that proof. I am thrilled, overjoyed, and relieved for Dave Evans, Colin (sic) Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann and their families. They have suffered greatly and unjustly. I am so proud of their resolve, their strength, and the first class manner with which they handled this entire episode. And now, I hope that all the Duke lacrosse players and families affected by this horrific situation can begin the process of moving on. Finally, I’d like to thank the Attorney General of North Carolina and his staff for doing their due diligence and for allowing us to bring this to a conclusion.