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The Heat is On

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FAYETTEVILLE — Anyone who's been outdoors doesn't need to be told that it'shot! In the Triangle the heat index is right around the 100 degree mark, but in Fayetteville, the index could be five to 10 degrees higher.

At noon, a temperature sign in downtown Fayetteville registered 88 degrees, 10 degrees below the expected high temperature for Tuesday. The heat has people scrambling for air conditioning and cool water.

It's the busiest time of the year for Harrell's Radiator shop. At least 20 cars were dropped off by early Tuesday with broken air conditioners.

"People put off getting [air conditioners] fixed until it gets hot," says AC technician Reese Quick. "Then when it gets hot, it's 'well, I need it fixed now.'"

There's no chance of relief for outdoor construction workers. They must rely on frequent breaks, shade and water to beat the heat.

"It's just plain hot and annoying," says construction worker Donald Brichfield. "Tempers flare, too, on these hot days."

Cape Fear Valley Health Systems treated two people with minor cases of heat exhaustion Monday. By noon Tuesday, no one had come to the emergency room seeking help.

Doctors warn the condition can strike very suddenly. They advise those who must be outdoors to dress comfortably in light clothing, drink plenty of water and find shade whenever possible

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