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Teenager Attacked on Duke Campus

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DURHAM — Police at Duke University are increasing security after two incidents over the weekend.

One report indicated that at the Duke central campus apartments a man went door to door asking students for money, and one resident called 911.

"They knock on doors and say they have medical emergencies or their cars are broken down," Duke Police Maj. Robert Dean said. "They use different types of scams to get people to give them money."

Police said that this type of scam has been happening for the past year and a half at the central apartments. They urge students not to open doors to strangers.

Sunday morning on West campus, police said that another unrelated incident occurred. It happened at House A where a group of teenagers attending a summer camp are staying.

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"This individual put a pair of shorts over this victim's head, and then tried to tie his hands behind his back," Maj. Dean said. "He also used a knife."

"Normally on main West the campus police do a great job," student Paul Tucker said. "It is kind of unusual to hear about something like this happening."

All of the dorms are locked, and residents must use a card key to enter. Police suggest that students not prop open the doors, not let strangers in, and not leave windows open on the first floor.

Police do not have a solid description of either suspect.

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