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Convoy Brings Hope to Raleigh's Chavis Park

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RALEIGH — Hope was floating high in Raleigh Saturday. It was trucked in to Chavis Park, and took the form of food and medicine.

Helping hands came along, too, ready to pitch in where needed. Hundreds of Volunteers from local churches mobilizing to help people in need.

Thousands came to Chavis Park for the Convoy of Hope. Each person attending the event was called a guest of honor and given two free bags of groceries that included non-perishable items like canned goods, snacks, potatoes and other items.

"We have some cleaning items you can't purchase with food stamps. So this is in addition to some of the subsidies they're already getting," explained David Wisniewski, a volunteer with Church Care America.

Part of the daylong activities included important medical checkups. Residents from the surrounding communities were given free screenings on high blood pressure, diabetes, vision and dental tests.

Convoy of Hope started in 1996 through Church Care America. The sheer magnitude of feeding 5,000 people who attended today's event required a lot of coordination among the dozen churches that sponsored Convoy.

Hank Rosa, with Church Care America, says the organization comes to a local community, explains the program to churches and says that if the local churches will run the event, Church Care America can help them put it together.

Putting it together to give hope back to the hopeless.

Convoy of Hope also focuses on the church's mission to not only feed the hungry but to spread the gospel.


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