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Raleigh Police Catch Alleged Car Thief at Local Park

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RALEIGH — An accused car thief got himself into hot water with Raleigh police at Pullen Park Saturday. The pool was shut down briefly when the suspect tried to avoid police by hiding in the facilities.

Swimmers were shut out of the park's indoor pool while police searched for a man accused of stealing a truck.

Police began the chase after an officer spotted the man driving a stolen vehicle. It ended at Pullen Park, when the man ditched the truck and hopped a fence running toward the pool.

"I saw a gentleman, a black gentleman, coming around this corner here, jumped over the fence at the back area here and went inside to evade the police," witness Richard Lesher said.

The suspect tried to blend into the crowd, but Lesher followed him in and pointed him out to police.

The man was taken in to custody a few minutes later.

"I was scared at the moment because I heard there were shots fired at the beginning," Lesher said. "It kind of scared me to the point if I was going to be in danger."

Police searched the grounds for a gun they believe the suspect tossed somewhere along the way.

The truck belongs to a contractor who parked it outside the legislative building Friday while he worked.

"I'm glad they got him," contractor Len Green said. "I hate that it's my truck. I hope it ain't tore up, cause it was my personal truck.

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