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Protect Your Pet From the Hazards of Heat

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FAYETTEVILLE — Temperatures are expected to soar into the 90's by Friday afternoon. And while many of us take extra care to protect children and the elderly, it's important not to forget your pets.

In Fayetteville, the temperature is expected to hit 97&#176. That means the temperature inside your car could reach 147&#176. That could be deadly for your pet. So while your dog may enjoy going for a ride with you while you run your errands, experts say this is not the time of year to have them tag along.

A dog's body temperature can reach dangerous levels in temperatures as low as 85&#176 and when the humidity is above 90&#176. The best advice is to keep your dog inside, but if you do leave your pet outside, make sure man's best friend has plenty of shade and plenty of water.

You should also limit your animal's exercise in peak of the day.

"Dogs have less of a heat tolerance, and they tend to be under a tremendous amount of stress," says animal control supervisor Jonny Smith. "That's when a lot will start dying on you."

Heat exhaustion does claim the lives of many animals this time of year. Experts say common sense can keep your dog safe. Pet owners must be responsible for taking care of their pets in extremely hot and freezing cold temperatures.

In some cases you could be charged with animal cruelty for failing to take that responsibility.

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