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Raleigh Debates Sex Education and Abstinence

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RALEIGH — North Carolina schools are receiving several million dollars to teach sex education in school over the next five years. Some people say that teaching abstinence until marriage is not the best use of those funds.

State education officials listened to feedback Thursday from parents and school officials in Raleigh. Many people do not think the idea will work.

Max Fitz-Gerald, a sex education consultant, says the plan is not realistic and sets our kids up for failure.

"The concept of abstinence until marriage, I'm opposed to because the question that you have to ask, is when do people generally get married? The average age of first marriage in America today is 25 and 26 years of age. So how realistic is it to ask a young person to abstain until they get married?"

Some parents said that they are in favor of school's teaching abstinence, but say it should be just one element of sex education classes.