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Drug Dealers Go Directly to Jail on I-95

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FAYETTEVILLE — A drug checkpoint set up along I-95 sent a clear message to pushers peddling dope through North Carolina: stay out of our state or go directly to jail.

The checkpoint is a two day effort designed at tricking drug smugglers, and if they fall for the bait, they will find themselves in the middle of a swarm of officers.

Drug agents found several sheets of LSD when a Maryland motorist pulled off one I-95 exit. The driver is facing felony drug charges.

The driver had seen the interstate sign warning of a drug checkpoint up ahead. While the exit looked like a spot to pull off before reaching the drug dogs, it was actually the spot where they were all waiting.

"We wrote over thirty citations Wednesday ranging from misdemeanor possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia, no seat belts, speeding, carrying a concealed weapon," Cumberland county Capt. Jack Watts said.

Spotters sit on a bridge above the interstate looking closely at what motorists do after they read the drug checkpoint warning signs.

"If they do anything like throw drugs out of the car maybe the driver switching drivers or anything suspicious, then they will notify the interview teams that work up at the exit," Capt. Watts said.

Cumberland county authorities believe there is a lot of drug trafficking on this stretch of I-95.

"Fayetteville has been considered the halfway point between Miami and New York, and over the years a lot of drugs have been picked up from here not just in the bus station but out on the interstate we have been able to intercept a great many of drugs," Cumberland county Sheriff Moose Butler said.