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Cary Police Arrest Two Suspected Burglars

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CARY — The sense of security is shattered in a quiet Cary community. Someone has been breaking into homes in the middle of the night, and ripping people off.

Cary police investigators detained two suspects Wednesday, but said that there are more out there.

The suspects were arrested at 2:00 a.m. sitting in a car on Tibbett's Rock Court. Cary police said that they broke into two homes under construction and stole tools and a mirror.

However, police do not think they are the same people who broke-in to five occupied homes in the southern part of town last week.

Five families had a variety of items stolen, from guns, to cell phones to jewelry on Buckden Place. The families all had one thing in common, they all went to sleep that night leaving at least one door to their house or garage unlocked.

"Our report indicates that all these homes were unlocked," Cary police Lt. Chris Hoina said. "The perpetrators got into the homes using side doors that led to the garage and in several of these cases, the perpetrators went from the garage into the dwelling of the house through other doors that were not locked."

In one case, police say the suspects entered a garage through an unlocked door, then stole a Ford Explorer which was in the garage with the keys inside. Residents in Cary are now taking extra precautions.

"We lock as much as I can remember with all the kids being home in the summer, it's hard to remember," resident Toni Dattilo said. "We've gone through and locked all the doors."

"We have dead bolts on all our exterior doors, and we've always locked those every night," resident Liz Wilson said. "If he's out of town I always leave the outside lights on, but now since this happened we're leaving our flood lights on every night."