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The Heat is on for Construction Companies

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RALEIGH — The hot, humid weather is preventing some construction companies from finding workers who will bare the heat.

Glen Wujcik runs a roofing business in Raleigh and said that he has plenty of work, but a shortage of workers.

Wujcik offered some workers up to $9 an hour with no takers. He often has to pick up day laborers to help complete jobs, and summer is his busiest time of the year.

The problem is that the temperature outside may be in the 90's, but where he works it is well over 100.

"I remember reading a survey and out of 250 available jobs to people, [roofing] ranks about 248," Wujcik said. "Roofing is a very unglamorous job, and I think as a generation people don't want to do manual labor. I have been doing it my whole life, and made a good living at it."

Wujcik said that he has thought about increasing the pay to $10 an hour. He also said that many companies benefit from the influx of immigrants into the area, but that alone does not fill the numerous openings.


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