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Young Mexican Woman Works Her Way to American Dream

Posted June 14, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— The United States is a place of hope for countless immigrants in search of a better life. Many Mexicans arrive in North Carolina, every year seeking employment as migrant workers, and one young woman has risen from that humble beginning up the ladder of success.

"We had to start here in the bottom and try to work upwards," says Rosa Garcia.

Garcia is pursuing the American Dream. Her journey began four years ago when her parents moved their four children to North Carolina in hopes of finding a better life. They began working for Nash Produce Company in Nashville.

"We had to pick here in the fields, do all the tiring hard work but it was worth it," says Garcia.

Garcia displayed a good work ethic and began working her way upward through the company. For a while, she worked with her father and mother in the processing plant cleaning and sorting potatoes -- while she was attending classes at Nash Community College.

The company is paying Rosa's way to an accounting degree so that she can become a certified public accountant.

"She is kind of the epitome of the American dream. You start out at the bottom and you take advantage of every opportunity, and she's done that," says Thomas Joyner, controller for Nash Produce.

Garcia also helps the company with its bilingual education by serving as an interpreter for American and Mexican workers in the fields and the plants.

WRAL-TV5'sKelly Wrightasked Garcia what she would like people to know about migrant and seasonal workers.

"Well," said Garcia, "that they always have an opportunity to succeed if they're willing."

Garcia's willingness to succeed is helping her to fully realize the American Dream. She gives credit to her company and to her parents who taught her to always believe in herself.

"We always have to thank God, even though it means picking in the fields or being a CPA. We always have to thank him for what we have and what we do," says Garcia.

Garcia is two years away from completing her degree in accounting and accomplishing her goal of becoming the first college graduate in her family.