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Southern Baptists: Wives Should Submit to Husbands

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RALEIGH — A wife should "submit graciously" to her husband. This statement is the new declaration of the Southern Baptists, and their new president from North Carolina.

The new article deemed 'The Family' is drawing a lot of criticism, even from within the denomination.

The issue stems from a literal interpretation of a Bible passage, which says that wives should submit to their husbands. Some said that the controversy is being blown out of proportion, others say the convention has gone too far.

First, there was the vote at the national convention in Utah.

"The affirmative have it," convention president Rev. Paige Patterson said. "I see it as an effort to state what Southern Baptists have always believed."

Then came the headlines, and now the reactions.

"When I saw that it made my skin crawl, that I would have to submit to my husband in all things," Athens Drive youth minister Cindy Dean said.

Dean said that she believes marriage should be about mutual respect, not submission. She objects to the belief held by some conservatives that women cannot be church leaders.

"Women need to lead some women," Dean said. "They need to be there for the women to show them that their path is with God, and that they are created equally with the man."

"Someone is head of household, and that biblical pattern is the man or the husband," Rev. Randy Jetton said.

Rev. Jetton said that the mandate for women to submit to their husbands is clearly spelled out in the Bible, but he does not believe this doctrine should be used to discriminate.

"I would not support using that amendment to in any way make women second class citizens or to keep them out of positions of leadership within our church," Jetton said.

Many people said that they were not surprised by the announcement at the convention; taking into consideration that the elected Paige Patterson is well known for his conservative views.