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Hillsborough Town Board Meets to Discuss Cop Problem

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HILLSBOROUGH — Allegations of sexual misconduct by police officers in Hillsborough have been the talk of the town for six weeks. Wednesday, the town board met to decide the next step.

Now, members know what they will do, but they're not saying publicly. Town Manager Eric Peterson announced his decision in a private meeting Wednesday morning. The decision is his to make. No board vote is necessary.

From private discussion, it appears that some sort of disciplinary action will be forthcoming agains the officers involved in the alleged incidents. There will be public word Thursday on the final decision.

The allegations are serious. Officers are accused of, having sexual relations in the police headquarters building and public displays of lewd, sexual conduct.

No town officials would comment until after the official word is released Thursday.

"You don't bring people in [police headquarters] and stay two or three hours at night," said Hillsborough Mayor Horace Johnson. "You don't have sex in police cars. You don't do a lot of stupid things. Even though the town is sleeping, they're supposed to be the guardians to keep us safe and keep us from any danger."

Johnson said he could not address the issue of whether or not anyone should be fired. He said the Peterson would have to address that.

Three patrolmen and one officer face these accusations. A press conference has been scheduled for Thursday. The full police force will know the decision by late Wednesday.


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