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One Dead, One Rescued in Fayetteville Fire

Posted June 8, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A fatal fire killed a bedridden Fayetteville woman Tuesday night.

The death toll could have been higher, but two men, who are being hailed as heros, rushed into the burning house and came to the rescue of a second woman.

Leena Evans and her sister Edna lived in the small North Fayetteville Home. Relatives were able to pull Edna from the flames, but because of her sister's medical condition they could not save her.

Leena Evan's daughter was overcome with emotion and consoled by family and friends as she looked at the smoldering home where her mother died. The bedridden victim was diabetic and an amputee. Her two nephews desperately tried to save both sisters.

"We were at the other house right next door, my sister ran in and said the room was on fire," the victim's nephew Denny Lewis said. "We came up and got our aunt our Miss Edna. When we tried to get Mrs. Leena out, the flames were like from the door to the floor, so we couldn't do nothing. Couldn't do nothing."

Neighbors said that the house was very old and they could only watch in horror as the fire spread quickly.

Leena Evans family members were still overcome with shock as they remembered a loved one they had just lost.