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Army Cutbacks Not Certain to Impact Ft. Bragg

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FORT BRAGG — Personnel cutbacks are on the way for the Army. The downsizing is the first in a series of changes aimed at preparing the Army for modern combat.

After Tuesday's announcement, the 18th Airborne Corps says it has not been notified of any cutbacks. The 82nd Airborne Division says the announcement will not have an immediate effect on them. Other Army divisions could see a cut in soldiers by up to 13%. The Army says its new design is necessary for the 21st century.

Army officials say the new division design takes full advantage of information age technology and new modular distribution systems. The technology will allow soldiers in the field to see where friendly units are and up to the minute enemy locations. The Washington Postreports the plan would cut division troop strength, while the number of tanks for each division will drop from 58 to 45 per battalion. But, there will be more reconnaissance and artillery assets.

At a briefing Tuesday morning, the Army Chief of Staff said this is a complete makeover. They will rely more heavily on computers and technology. The Army will be much leaner, more able to deploy quickly and more able to fight with fewer casualties.


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