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12,000 Citations Issued During Click It or Ticket

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SANFORD — You know the drill. Before you start your car, you buckle up. Sometimes we're in a hurry, and we forget. But in the last two weeks, police wrote more than 12,000 seatbelt citations.

It's not just seat belt violators they're getting during the Click It or Ticket campaign. The checkpoints have netted more than 2,000 DUI's and 500 drug arrests. The three week campaign ends this Sunday.

Ten Sanford officers lined one of the city's major thoroughfares for two hours Friday, citing anyone not wearing their seatbelt.

"It might save your life someday, especially in a pick-up truck," said Officer Vinnie Frazer of the Sanford PD. "In a pick-up truck without a seatbelt, if you get into an accident, you'll fly right through the window."

Motorist Cybil Kagley was caught not wearing her seatbelt two months ago. Despite getting a ticket, Kagley thinks it's a good idea.

Citations cost unsuspecting drivers $25. Paying the fine before the scheduled court date prevents motorists from ever having to show up.

In addition to looking out for the adults, officers observe the way children are restrained. They also make sure car seats are installed properly.

Police say a lot of people coming through don't realize it's a seatbelt check. James Yeargan says his citation will make him buckle up next time he gets behind the wheel.

"I think it's very worthwhile, helps us all," Yeargan admitted. "The officer was very courteous and apologetic, but when you're in violation then you pay the price. It helps you remember-- that $25 dollars."

Officer Frazer believes the seatbelt checks are a good think that usually meets with positive reaction. After all, Frazer and the many other law officers around the state are just looking out for the safety of all drivers and their passengers.

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