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Orange County Developer Preserves Slave Graveyard

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HILLSBOROUGH — A piece of the past will not be forgotten in Orange County. Developers stumbled onto a long-forgotten slave graveyard in Hillsborough, and instead of bulldozing it, they are preserving it.

Lot 65 in the Cornwallis Hills subdivision has an orange fence in the backyard. Inside are dozens of headstones, and archeologists say the graveyard is at least a century old. The developer said that he will protect it.

"Yes sir, when we started the home we knew there was a slave graveyard and we preserved it, and we put the orange fence around it," builder Ronald Coble said. "While grading was going on, I sat back there and made sure the bulldozer didn't get on the property, and we are just preserving it for the people."

The developer says the homeowner knows about the graveyard, and is happy it will be left untouched.

"When I walked the lot with the homeowner we talked about the graveyard, and they were real excited about the graveyard back there," Coble said.

State archeologists said that there are graveyards like the one in Orange county all over the state, but some careless developers just bulldoze over them.

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