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WRAL Teams Up With Local Sports Leagues

Posted June 3, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Outdoor team sports in the Triangle have faced field shortages in the past, but two recent projects should ease the problem.

Area soccer enthusiasts are quickly approaching their goal of having more fields. Last week CP&L announced that it would donate room for a dozen fields in southwest Wake county.

Now comes word that another 10 fields could go near the WRAL tower in southeastern Wake county. The county and the station are putting the final touches on plans for an athletic complex on 375 acres of land surrounding the tower.

"We hope to have youth soccer and softball fields, baseball fields, bmx facility, perhaps adult softball," landscape architect Robert Hinson said.

Word of this new complex is a big relief to some eastern Wake county towns, because they have had a ballfield shortage for a long time.

"We're already short of football fields and soccer fields and baseball and softball fields," Garner town manager Peter Bine said. "In fact our games are limited to hours as opposed to innings."

The main focus of the complex would be soccer, something the Capital Area Soccer League welcomes. It already runs a set of 25 fields in northern Wake county on WRAL property.

"Like many areas in the community the needs for soccer are tremendous and those kids have to go a long way to play," CASL President Bob Bode said.

A number of details must still be kicked around, such as how to pay for the project. The fields alone will cost around $3 million.