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Raleigh Neighborhood Just Says No to Modular Homes

Posted June 3, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A Raleigh community is plastered with signs, urging a new neighbor to move out.

The dispute concerns a home that residents call a trailer, but the builder claims that it is a modular home.

The Brookwood community covenant does not allow trailers in the area, and residents like Ann Deese say that includes homes like the one in question.

"We feel that this mobile home with the tie downs is not a modular home, and its against our covenant here," Deese said.

On the other hand, the builder said that the home is not a trailer. The attorney for Energy Efficient Housing said that it is a modular home, and the difference is that this house was built with the same regulations as regular homes. The only difference is that it was brought in on wheels.

"The difference is that if you go to the local building supply house, they will bring you a house out on a flat bed truck," attorney Rick Barnes said. "This comes out in a very similar fashion being towed a truck, but it is partially built."

"It was wheeled in on a trailer, which justifies a mobile home to me," Brookwood resident Lilla Von Duhon said.

The residents are planning to meet with an attorney and go to court if necessary.