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CP & L Offers New Protection from Power Surges

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RALEIGH — Lightning can cause a lot of damage if it finds its way into your home. Power surges can damage and even destroy any electrical appliance. Even with a stock of surge protectors, a home may lack protection, but Carolina Power and Light has a new program that may make surge protection more certain.

Storm season means a surge in business for Jeff's VCR repair shop. Most people seek surge protection for electrical lines, but forget about the need for protecting cable and phone lines. Repairs can be costly.

Even surge strips may not protect an appliance. A disc inside, called an MOV is what actually absorbs a surge.

The warranty lasts only two years and does not cover lightning strikes.

Lorrie Maggio manages the marketing for CP & L's new Surge Protection Program. The program begins with an outdoor unit attached to your power meter which protecting your major appliances.

"The one of the things we like about this unit is there are three lighting configurations also on it, and they let the customer as well as us know it is still operating," says Maggio.

A total of $6.95 more on your monthly bill covers the cost, including insurance up to $2 million per household if damage does occur. The program also offers indoor surge protectors for smaller appliances, which include connections for cable tv or phone lines. And instead of one, these units have 7 MOV's.

"Because we've got seven, it could last for a longer time nd could continue to absorb more surges," said Maggio.

Anyone wanting more information about CP & L's program can call1-800 359 75-95.

If this product isn't available where you live, there are other ways to keep your electronic equipment safe.
  • To protect a computer connected to a modem, make sure the surge protector covers phone lines.
  • Make sure any protector used on cable or satellite televisions has coaxial line protection capabilities.
  • Make sure any device you buy has an indicator light or alarm to warn you if the supressor quits working.
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