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State Cracks Down on Strip Clubs

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The Bottom's Up club was recently cited because two dancers exposed their genitals.
FAYETTEVILLE — Club owners in North Carolina better toe the line or else. The state has toughened up regulations on strip bars. If you break the rules, you'll be out of business for a while. Some local business owners are already feeling the heat.

A number of strip clubs have taken notice. They know now the rules involving the topless girls inside are much stricter. Getting cited now could put them out of business for good.

The maximum penalties for club owners have increased dramatically. Instead of a $1,000 fine and up to 15 days closed, owners are now looking at being shut down for up to six months and a $5,000 dollar fine.

The Bottom's Up is one of two Fayetteville clubs that have been cited and could face the new maximum.

"I think they should target the girls more than they do the clubs because the girls are the ones who do it," says club owner Larry Jacobs. "The girls are the ones who make money for doing something wrong, and we try real hard to keep the girls straight."

ABC officials say they increased the penalties because they didn't realize the extent of the dancers' behavior in some clubs. Jacobs agrees clubs should be cited if they're not complying with the law. He was cited because two of his dancers were caught exposing their genitals.

"If somebody does anything that we can catch, we fire them," Jacobs explains. "They're gone."

Jacobs fired the two dancers that were cited, but he says he shouldn't face a six month shut-down for something one of his employees does.

"We can't police them," says Jacobs. "We can't sit there and babysit every girl the whole night. But we try as much as possible."


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