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Crabtree Valley Policeman Faces Sex Charges

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RALEIGH — Crabtree Valley Police Officer Willie Donald White is charged with one count of second degree rape and one count of statutory rape.

The incidents allegedly involved two separate women over a period of about a year.

"The information that we are receiving from the victims is that this is an on-going thing that's been occurring for approximately the past year," Raleigh Police Lt. Dennis Lane said. "With both of [the girls], that is correct."

White is a member of the Crabtree Valley Police Department, which maintains 24-hour security for the mall.

Raleigh police said that he met his alleged victims through a community service youth group.

"It's a group that is sponsored by the mall and they participate in activities at the mall with the police department, and also apparently take field trips also," Lt. Lane said.

Police said that none of the alleged rapes happened at the mall, but some allegedly took place at White's home on Edwards Mill Road behind the mall.

Police said that the rest allegedly happened at White's previous residence and other undisclosed locations.

White's neighbor, a manager for Hecht's Department Store, is shocked.

"We entrust ourselves to them to walk us to our cars late at night so I would be very shocked if in fact he truly did rape someone," Hecht's manager Darlene Pournia said.

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