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Smelly Problem Solved in Yates Mill Run

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RALEIGH — Residents in several Wake County neighborhoods are still living with the smelly effects of Hurricane Fran. Fran ripped up neighborhood sewer systems in six subdivisions. Fortunately, homeowners in Yates Mill Run are finally getting their problem fixed.

Hurricane Fran dealt the final blow. Falling trees ripped up plastic pipes in the septic fields in Yates Mill Run. For 20 months, sewage was hauled by truck at great expense to residents and taxpayers. As neighbors work in their yards today, there is new hope and a new sewer line stretching almost two miles to Tryon Road.

"I would say that we're probably 60-70% of the way there, so we're making great progress," says Bruce Rinne of the Homeowners Association.

A grant from the state will pay part of the cost. Homeowners pay the rest.

"The SBA is helping us out," says homeowner Mike Freed. "We've got a loan as a community that is helping us out. We're going to be assessed so much per household."

The new system will tie sewer lines from each home to existing pump stations. From there, sewage will flow into the new pipe instead of into the septic fields. With the problem solved, homes are selling for their real value.

In just a few months, sewage from the 70 homes in Yates Mill Run will end up at a new pump station on Tryon Road. Residents worked very closely with the City of Raleigh to solve their problem.

"Just doing the right thing," Rinne continues, "that they have made time for us and helped facilitate the connection, so they've been very, very helpful to us."

Freed looks forward to the day the sewage trucks quit visiting his neighborhood.

With only about 400-feet of pipe left to lay, Yates Mill Run residents hope the new system will be up and running by the end of August.


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