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Hollywood Wants You in a Robin Williams Movie

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CHAPEL HILL — Here's your chance to be in a major motion picture. "Patch Adams", starring Robin Williams, will be shooting for the next month in Chapel Hill, and the film makers still don't have all they extras they need.

The movie is about a real-life Virginia doctor who tries to reinvent the practice of medicine using humor and free clinics. It's a big movie that needs many extras.

A small army of technicians works with miles of cable snaking around the University of North Carolina Quad to power lights for the shoot. The campus is transformed.

The only thing the crew can't bring with it are extras -- people to play crowds of students, older folks and children. Wardrobe they've got. Extras, or people who interact as part of a crowd, they don't.

There are lots of scenes to be shot, one of them a graduation.

"We have a call out for quite a number of extras, have all different types. Sometimes people say, ah, they want a college student so i'm not even going to try," said

Stardom is unlikely but, hey, you might get to meet Robin Williams. If you want information about becoming an extra in "Patch Adams," call919-969-0815.

The pay isn't great -- a mere $5.25 per hour -- and you must be prepared to work when called.


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