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Fort Bragg Soldier Accused of Molesting Step-Daughter

Posted May 25, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A man sworn to protect our country is behind bars, accused of molesting a little girl. The Fort Bragg soldier was arrested Sunday.

Private Christopher Michael Colvin is facing a host of sexual charges involving his four-year-old step daughter. Police say the little girl's sister found out about the abuse and told the child's mother.

Colvin is charged with first degree statutory sexual offense, taking indecent liberties with a child, felony child abuse and crimes against nature.

"It's scary in a way," says neighbor Felecia Roberts. "It is, you know, because that close down. It could be here or anywhere, you know. It's shocking that close. It is."

The streets of a quiet north Fayetteville neighborhood where the child was allegedly molested are normally filled with kids. Parents there say Colvin's arrest has shattered their sense of security.

For a quiet neighborhood, you really don't think those things happen, but you have to look at reality." admits one unidentified neighbor. "Things happen in a quiet neighborhood. So you should really, keeping your eye on your kids is the best thing to do. But right there on this street?"

The four year old's mother called police after hearing the allegations. Investigators say Colvin admitted engaging in sex acts with the child during questioning.

Colvin is still behind bars under $55,000 bond. Investigators say he could face military charges as well.