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Fayetteville Police Look for Pattern in Charges Against Rookie

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FAYETTEVILLE — Accusations are piling up against a Fayetteville policeman. Officer Christopher Young is charged with raping a teen-age girl while on duty, and since that information became public, more women are stepping forward. That has officials searching through police records to see if there is a a pattern to these claims.

Police say a total of five women have now come forward and filed complaints against the rookie Officer. Chief Ron Hansen believes more women could have had problems with Officer Young, so they are taking the investigation a step further.

"We owe it to the public to take a look at everything," said Hansen.

Hansen says officials are taking a look at everything Young was involved in since the day he started on the force in September, 1997.

Because the complaints against him have all been connected to traffic stops and accidents, investigators are now contacting every female who was issued a citation by Young.

"It's the only fair thing to do, we don't know if there are more victims out there and i think to do otherwise would be unprofessional and thats not what we are about," said Hansen

Hansen says of the five complaints lodged against Young, one includes allegations of rape, the others involve sexual misconduct and questionable activities for a police officer.

The investigation is not yet complete, but efforts are already underway to terminate Young from the force.

Hansen is urging anyone who may have been a victim of Young to come forward and contact the police department.

Young remains jailed on a $75,000 bond.